Training in Bosnia

As the train is finding its way on the railroad, our participants are coming back to their homes after a two week long work camp based in Srebrenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
The training course “local community: From Zero to Hero” was organised by IYNF “international young naturefriend” organisation with the kind support of EYF “European Youth Foundation” from 18th to 31st of August 2019.

First week of the workcamp was fully focused on getting to know the core of concepts like “community development” and “local development”. Followed by two sessions of workcamp held in one of the Bosnian ex war refugee’s land, in which he is trying to promote bringing back the core and essence of traditions in his home land. This special person is dreaming of a day in which quote “children will play and run around this naturefriend house”.The day that he never had quote” I didn’t have a happy childhood”.
He has lost this childhood caused by the war in early years of his childhood.

The remaining of the training was trained with expert trainers, on project management and volunteering management. As it was mentioned from before the arrival, participants were supposed to come up with ideas to apply in their local communities back in where they live. Two days of the work Camp was fully dedicated to brainstorming, different methods of idea management and project management, fund raising and fund management.

There were also planned two days to develop ideas on helping the local community. Participants came up with ideas how to engage in a positive local action. The sessions ended up by a successful “clean up the city” session, “helping mothers in need” session that was kindly organized by Emmaus organization and an activity for engaging children of Srebrenica.
The whole training was held based on non-formal education by trainsers Ana Teresa Santos and Olga Karageorgiou.
Project manager was Anna Mayfat and communication responsible was Esma Cakir.

Participants are expected to apply the projects they have designed in the specified time frame. We will look forward for updatinng people about the projects that will be born thanks to this incredible workcamp.
We would like very much to mention and thank Prijatelji Prirode Oaza Mira organization to have hosted and helped with the realization of this beautiful event. Last but not least, a big thank you goes to the organizing team of IYNF to have given us the opportunity to experience this training. 

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