L’iniziativa di un giovane amico della natura

Our friend Lars Ilya Meulenbergs from naturfriends Belgium needs your help. 🏕🏠

“Dear friends,

for the next magazine of Naturefriends Flandres i am writing an article with a ‘shout out’ to our members to visit naturefriendhouses in their next holidays. (It will also be published online).
To support our movement to build up after the crisis.

Who can, send me some good pics of your houses houses (with names!). Some good story’s of a house.
Together with a description how the naturefriends in your country act ons the situation of corona, how they ‘tackel’ the coronacrisis.

Mail this to lars@bergstijgers.org

Thanks in advance,
I hope you, your family and friends are save and healthy,
Berg Frei,

Lars Ilya Meulenbergs”

#naturefriendstoghter 🤝🌷

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