Help Ana Teresa versus Lyme Disease – Raccolta fondi

Since May 2018 Lyme Disease has been winning the battle against Ana Teresa. She needs your help to face the financial burden that this became and kick out the disease. Cliccando qui potrai dare un contributo per Ana.

Lyme Disease is an infectious disease transmitted when a tick (sometimes other insects) infected with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi bites and transmits the bacteria to the new host. The list of possible symptoms is wide and although it’s not a disease discovered recently, it is still an enigma to the medical community with no identified efficient treatment when in later stages.

Ana Teresa had the first severe symptoms in May, with a sequence of symptoms that imitated other illnesses (as it’s common with Lyme). At some point, her joints were severely affected and leg movements became conditioned; walking became a difficult task and up and down stairs or up or downhill was almost impossible. Fatigue became impeditive of performing regular activity. Nausea, headaches, muscle pain, mood alterations, air hunger.

Lyme Disease diagnosis is very difficult and in many cases people live years without a diagnosis and treatment. For Ana Teresa, was only possible in August, after much persistence from herself, while doctors always ruled out the possibility of a tick borne disease even before any test. Luckily, results of blood tests taken by her own initiative came positive. This brought the possibility to approach the doctors with some indication that Lyme Disease should be taken in consideration. At the hospital a Western Blot test (a test for counter results) came positive and the diagnosis was confirmed.
1st test positive
2nd test positive

First treatment was prescribed immediately, a course of antibiotics – doxycycline and cefaclor – for 21 days. The symptoms aggravated during treatment (which is normal, it’s what’s called Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction) and there was lack of guidance in this first approach (only found out later when studying the disease better), as detoxing is essential when dealing with Lyme Disease, specially while on treatment.

The initial treatment didn’t work, as it didn’t eliminate the bacteria of the body and symptoms persisted.

Meanwhile, Ana Teresa tried acupuncture to alleviate symptoms, which gave good results. It already helped unblock certain movements of the knees (although kneeling is still not possible).
A strict diet is also being followed to support the immune system and create an alkaline environment, hostile to the bacteria.

Other symptoms have started to show, such as numbness of hands, tingling, brain fog, joint and muscle pain spread through the body.

Different experts in Lyme Disease were consulted and they were of the opinion that Lyme has probably been lingering around in Ana Teresa, in a dormant state, for more than just months, maybe around 2 years, according to clinical diagnosis. New treatment has been selected and it is previewed to last 6 months and it’s plant based (plants are proving to be more effective with Lyme for several reasons, including dealing with the many mutations the bacteria undertake to defend itself).

Working previously as a freelancer in social and educative projects with different groups of people, Ana Teresa is now unable to make any professional commitments, given her limited capacities and uncertainty about if and when she will be free from Lyme Disease.

The funding goes to cover for:

– Series of doctors’ appointments and exams done up to this moment to diagnose and figure out how to deal with the disease
– Acupuncture sessions that help relief the symptoms
– Herbal treatment (tinctures, prepared specifically for this case by an expert, and advisory) for the next 6 months
Supplements, including probiotics,  which she is taking since August, essential to support the immune system (every Lyme Disease patient needs these)
– Organic food, which is essential to support the immune system and create an alkaline environment, hostile for the bacteria (every Lyme Disease patient needs these)

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