Srebrenica HEARTH Festival

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Date(s) - 22/06/2019
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Srebrenica Hearth festival   – 22th of June 2019

An interfaith, intercultural Festival, aiming to promote:
cultural diversity and the way of life to respect the difference
peaceful coexistence between different religious and ethnic groups
a new sustainable way of life in harmony with the Planet Earth
inception and imprinting of a New Era of hope

DAY PROGRAM: Preparation 10:00- Start event 16:00 – concert from 18:00- 20.30
If possible local dancing group -> Irvin ask
Music performances at the garden park – Emin, Aminadabu, SFP, Tama (trad.JP)
Free Painting workshop, wooden art workshop, Saz workshop
Small Marketplace at the park promotion local products, also NGO’s
Children with different innovative games in the park
Tao shiatsu treatment YES – at the park
Multicultural exchange program (Kimono, Calligraphy, Origami….)

PRAYER (after sunset) : A common open prayer between different religious groups
(Catholic church in the center, Iman, maybe Serbian orthodox)

Finish festival – dinner at the center (barbecue or something else?)
Hearth Festival is a „Calembour“ of words, 3 meanings in one:

Hearth: the floor of a fireplace… Srebrenica becomes the floor where light a fire to illuminate, to ignite, to gather humans in a moment of need for the entire planet;
Heart: this festival comes from the heart, is made with a genuine passion for life, like the heartbeat of a baby;
Earth: reconnect to nature, in harmony with it and all its inhabitants. We are part of an universal energy! Take responsibility for the suffering of Earth.

The Festival is an open air Festival, to revive the old „agora“, the public space where art and culture art belonged to people and the important political decisions were made.

Let’s create this public place of wisdom, joy and togetherness!

Timetable Festival – still have to update!!!

Arrival EC team on Fr. 21st in the evening – dinner at (?) in Srebrenica
what is Already prepared the day before?
The day of Festival
10:00-12:00 Preparation (what? who? where?)
12:00-13:00 Lunch at Guber park (lunch prepared by Munavera and brought?)
14:00 Start Festival with Parade & traditional dance
14:30 Start Street festival
19:00-20:00??? Final concerts at the garden of Pivninca

After sunset Interfaith prayers (Muslim, Buddhist, Franciscains? Serb ortx?)
Dinner at the Guber park (barbecue)




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