The story of G.I.A.N. Section of Monte Baldo

BaldoNatura 359o Association was born in 2007 from the initiative of an outdoorsy group of friends. Once they had the opportunity, they decided to create the fundaments for the realization of some activities in a chalet in the municipality of Ferrara of Monte Baldo. Initially the idea was to call the association ‘BaldoNatura 360o’, originated from the “versatility” of the founders, appasionate among other things to paraglinding, natural science and mountain bike. But because of the variety of the programmed activities, they prefered the idea of using the grade 359, to give a higher significance to the partecipation of people, the missing grade, but still the most imporant to give a meaning to this new associative reality. In 2011 the association became part of the circle G.I.A.N. as the section of Monte Blado. It is at this point when the work of maintenance and requalification of the house starts; they built an internal bathroom and a slide that allows disabled people to reach the bedrooms entering for the retro of the house.
Many are the initiatives that Monte Baldo has promoted during the years, for example: the wood craving class, no border games, poetry day, the event ‘The forest in music’, the herbal courses; the last ones particularly have registered many subscribers, so that there have been organised two other meetings to follow, to satisfy the sign up requests. Next to the house there is provided a synergistic vegetable garden and a garden with medicinal plants like camomile, calendula and mallow. With these medicinal herbs you can make body creams, herbal teas, decoctions and extracts; a lot of value is also given to the birch leaf extract, known for its diuretic and cleansing properties, and to the hypericum oil, used on the skin against sunburn, pain and bug bites.



The activities of G.I.A.N. Section of Monte Baldo

In 2013 G.I.A.N. Section of Monte Baldo won the price as the best association in the entire zone for the quality of the launched activities, aimed to widen the knowledge of the territory,
Among the promoted activities of the section:

  • Snowshoe walk: in the period from Decembre to January there are organized walkings in the forest, either during daytime or at night, with snowshoes. To partecipate in this activity it is not necessary to have any past experience; the equipments are provided from the section. To conclude the excursion, usually in the re-entry they organise a dinner for everybody.
  • Education for youngsters: During spring – summertime, youngsters can partecipate in school camps in which new knowledge and abilities are taught; for example, the study of medicinal herbs, recognising and protecting the fauna through the identification of the birds, instructions of how to use forest material in domestical environment and basket making.
  • Dog psychology education course: Consists in learning alternative methods to settle down and train our four-legged friends.
  • Days which topics regard mainly local knowledge, with youngsters and family, through exursions that also provide teaching how to recognise weeds they may find on the way.
  • Days based on natural feedingstuff: deepening of topics such as the relation mind/body and the abuse of nutrients, like meat and wine.



Secretary address:
House address: Loc. Pozza Ferrara, Ferrare di Monte Baldo – Verona
Names and phone numbers: Mary 338/3821001 – Roberto 339/3561975


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