The Ledro Inselberg section story

The LEDRO INSELBERG section of tourism, sport, culture, eco-sustainability, is a permanent center of democratic voluntary association life. Born in 2017, it is a non-profit organization. It adheres to the “Italian Group Friends of Nature” and to “NATURFREUNDE INTERNATIONALE”, with which it shares aims and action programs.
The meaning of Inselberg is that of an isolated dome-shaped rock formation. With this term we wanted to display the fact that the association wants to act on the territory by placing itself in relation to it; aware of the distance and the long work that must be achieved to encourage the citizens and in particular young people to reflect on sustainability, the need for an international and multidisciplinary cultural horizon. A rocky formation, therefore tenacious, that makes its energy waves felt positively on the environment both anthropic and natural surrounding.
The association, recently established, sees among its founding members some specific skills in the areas of participation (artistic, naturalistic, sports), with the presence of a scientific committee that is in support of a high level of proposals.



The section activities

The activities are:

  1. cultural activities, for example courses, conferences, exposition, exhibitions, cultural events like festivals etc., sport events, touristic events and recreational events;
  2. organize activities of sport promotion and sport propaganda, including the carrying out of educational activities for the initiation, updating and refinement of sports with particular reference to climbing, trekking, alpine skiing, and to all activities that embrace a close relationship with the mountain. The creation and enhancement of natural and artificial centers equipped for sports activities in complete safety, educating to respect and protect the natural environment;
  3. organize and manage cultural, scientific, humanitarian and artistic training initiatives with the aim of growing the individual, also in support of an educational path of any level, including that of high-level university education on the association’s specific themes;



Secretaryship Address: Via Marconi, 33 cap 38067 Ledro loc. Tiarno di Sopra – TN –
House Address: Via Marconi, 33 cap 38067 Ledro loc. Tiarno di Sopra – TN –
Names and Tel numbers: Maria a Pietro 331/8881442


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