History of the group

The G.I.A.N. local group “Amici della Natura di Granara” was established in 2004 with headquarters in Genoa. This non-profit local group is constantly at the centre of association life and volunteering activities. It shares the mission of the Italian Naturefriends (G.I.A.N.), in particular:

– encouraging friendship and cultural exchange between people from different local, national and international milieus.

– contributing to the cultural and civil growth of workers and citizens in order to achieve active participation into the defence of civil, individual and common freedom.
– promoting cultural, sport, leisure, tourist activities, also in collaboration with other local groups and foreign federations, within the framework of social tourism without borders.
– encouraging the study and knowledge of nature in order to increase responsibility and participation to maintain a healthy life-style in humans.Our house aims at being an international, cultural and democratic meeting place with ecological and educational purposes. The protection and promotion of our territory are at the heart of our commitment. The relationship with the other Naturefriends local groups, environmental, social and international solidarity groups/associations are our main asset. WE WANT TO MAKE SURE LIFE ON THIS PLANET WILL THRIVE FOR THE YEARS TO COME!


Here are some of the activities carried out by the Genoa Naturefriends:

  • “Proposal of the Peruvian Community in Liguria”: an activity of social and cultural relevance for the integration of the Peruvian Community, proposed to EIF (European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals) and the Minister of Labour that can be extended to all the foreigners living in the area. This included workshops, seminars on sustainable tourism, technical and scientific seminars on the comparison between the Andes Mountains and the Alps, seminars on cyberbullying, the free trade deal between the EU, Peru and Colombia, TLC, Expo 2015, sustainable energy, promotion of the “Artes Latinos” Project.
  • Participation into different activities together with the municipalities of our territory. These included the “intihuatana” event celebrating the Anniversary of the Peru Republic, supported by the Peruvian Consulate in Genoa with the collaboration of other foreign communities of the territory for various cultural and artistic activities. Also, the local group took part into other events/fairs, such as ‘Summer in Valpolcevera”, the “Fair of independent libraries”, “Fair of potatoes” in Montoggio, “I apunchis raymi-Christmas” and the “Ngwona mundo music festival”.
  • Several sport events have been arranged, such as the ‘Miguel Grau Trophy’ five-a-side football tournament, chess competitions, excursions in town and excursions in the nature outside town.
  • Over the years several evening classes were arranged in collaboration with polytechnic schools and other schools, teaching English, French, business economics, international law, cooperation for international development and partnerships, IT, photography. Moreover, some exhibitions have been held in private schools to show pupils the typical Andean products like local potatoes and corn.


The Genoa local group doesn’t have a house at its disposal yet; however, thanks to an agreement with the Villadoria campsite, our members can stay in their premises. The campsite is located near the town centre, the port and the airport but is immersed in nature all the same, being within the Villa Doria park. Here members can find areas dedicated to camping vans, caravans and tents as well as bungalows for one or more people. The following services are available in the campsite: free WI-FI, free camping vans service, minimarket, bar, restrooms accessible to disabled people.


How to contact us:

Secretariat address: Salita della Crosetta 2, int.B, Genova, Italy
House address: agreement with Villadoria campsite, www.campingvilladoria.it
E-mail: giangenovagranara@gmail.com
Contacts: Alan Rodriguez 347/2354618 (President) – Tatiana Araoz 334/3519986 (Vice-president) – Patricia Ingrid Casanova 340/3631427 (Secretariat)


Activities carried out:

  1. Excursions – We arrange excursions throughout the Liguria region so as to promote local tourism – both tours in town and natural excursions out of town.
  2. Photography – We organized photography classes as part of the programme of SHORT EVENING CLASSES held at the school I.T.C. Vittorio Emanuele II – Ruffini in Genoa.ù
  3. Activities for schools – After the activities held in Montoggio, we replicated the “FAIR OF PERUVIAN LOCAL POTATOES” in a Genoa private school for pupils in the 5th year of primary school with the aim of making them aware of the different varieties of Andean potatoes and comparing them with the Alpine ones, their origins and varieties.
    We also organized “SHORT EVENING CLASSES” to value people with all their differences and skills. The classes aimed at supporting individuals in their short-time educational programme towards an easier job search, cultural inclusion and integration.
  4. Social activities – Our goal is the integration and inclusion of foreign communities living in our area thanks to the collaboration with our territory’s institutions – municipalities, schools, volunteering associations, etc.ù
  5. Food awareness – During Montoggio’s FAIR OF POTATOES we showed visitors different types of grains and pseudocereals (Quinoa, Sacha-Inchi) as well as recipes to cook them.
  6. Young Naturefriends (GIANGIO’) – Among our members we have a multiethnic group of youngsters who are very interested in the natural and cultural history of our territory and are willing to interact with other local groups.