History of the group

The GIAN local group of Bovezzo was established on the 11th March 2002 and since then it’s been committed to arranging cultural and naturalistic excursions. The group immediately started to collaborate with the local municipality, with their members volunteering to clear several canals of the vegetation that had obstructed the flowing of rainwater over the years. When the local municipality purchased a patch of land (over 7,000 square metres of a centuries-old, abandoned chestnut forest) in the Cannone area and decided to refurbish the sheep stable , GIAN members gave their free contribution to finalize the renovation and carried out the numerous works inside and outside the building so as to make it usable for everybody. In 2010 the local municipality published a tender notice for the management of the entire location, by then named a NATURE HOUSE and GIAN was the only association interested in running it. The agreement included the payment of a rent fee, the obligation of keeping the premises accessible to everybody and open on certain weekends (established on a yearly basis) while carrying out all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works that are necessary.The management of the house by GIAN is by now well-established and more and more individuals/groups are coming to this house: they find it cosy and conveniently located as it is very close to Bovezzo town center.



Activities carried out

In this nature house many important cultural events have and are taking place, such as:

  • Readings of dialectal poems
  • Music events
  • Starwatching (depending on the weather)
  • Winter torchlight processions
  • Works with dried flowers
  • Plants identification courses
  • Excursions to several destinations with expert guides
  • 1-day courses to learn the sublime art of origami
  • Shared cuisine events
  • Initiatives in collaboration with other associations
  • A beautiful photo exhibition on the flowers of our hills
  • Orienteering activities for schools
  • Spring Fair
  • Participation to the Chestnut Fair


How to contact us:

House address: Via Prignole
Website www.gian-bovezzo.it
Secretary name and and phone: Ornella Baronio 339-3662960
President name and phone number:Guido Moretti 329-1031896
Presidente mail: guido@guidomoretti.it
Vice president name and phone number: Giacomo Borella 320-4648707


Thematic sectors:

  1. Excursions:as from this year we will resume the offer of excursions.
  2. Astronomy: we organized three meeting of starwatching.In presence of clouds,we looked from the computer at the sky over our heads.
  3. Fotography:we plan to arrange the photo exhibition of our member Giorgio Pasotti.
  4. Herbs activities:a course on plant identification was held by Professor Formenti.
  5. School activities:every year we organize in cooperation with the municipality the chestnut fair at the primary schools of Bovezzo.Volunteers give rosted chestnuts to all students and make orienteering activities for the classes.
  6. Social activities:fund raisings to be used for several initiatives in cooperation with other local associations,like Flooding Genova,Association ANT and others.
  7. Food awareness:it is promoted on the website and in the dayly management of the house.
  8. Youth:no new entries (if possible we try to rejuvenate our group)