House Description

The Casa degli Scuri Rossi, located in Valle di Ledro, Tiarno di Sopra, takes its name from the red shutters on the windows that have characterized it for several decades and that in the area are called “scuri”. It is said that the previous owner wanted to testify, with the color red, a different identity than the rest of the small local community. The historic building dates back to the end of the 18th century and is built in local stone with the characteristic style of the place.
The house has been recently renovated trying as much as possible to use natural and ecological materials. In addition to this, we wanted to insert in an important way elements of energy efficiency such as heat pumps, LED lights and solar photovoltaic panels in storage. In this way, much of the primary energy necessary for the operation of the house will be self-produced from renewable sources. Further attention has been paid to the furniture that sees for many of its elements the recovery of what already exists or the inclusion of recovered furniture. This is in view of a profile of circular economy that sees reuse as its fulcrum.
The structure can accommodate up to 18 people. On the ground floor there is an apartment with kitchen and bathroom, perfectly usable by people with mobility difficulties, while on the second floor there are five bedrooms each with bathroom in addition to the kitchenette and meeting area.
The house aims to be a point of welcome for members but at the same time a place for exchange and discussion on environmental issues, cultural and outdoor sports activities.
Each room has been characterized by its own number or theme with which it is intended to suggest a path to the guest who in time will want to stay in the structure, a path made of cultural and visual stimuli in particular in the artistic field.




Valle di Ledro, in Trentino, is one of the 13 reserves of the UNESCO Biosphere, is part of the network of reserves of ALPI Ledrensi, is a site of Community interest, and can be reached from both Val Sabbia and Riva del Garda. Located at an average altitude of 7oo m above sea level, it houses one of the clearest lakes in Trentino that can be bathed in water, Lake Ledro, whose crystal clear waters reflect the surrounding mountains and dense forests. The presence of the important biotope of Lake Ampola with an educational center makes the valley of great interest for lovers and scholars of nature. One of the characteristics that make the landscape of the valley spectacular is the presence of countless enchanting secondary valleys where it stands out among all the Concei Valley. In addition to the extraordinary landscape of the Valley, the presence of an exceptional and endemic variety of flowers, in particular orchids, in the environment of the Tremalzo Pass is a strong floral attraction. For birdwatchers, the observation of birds, the presence of important migratory flows offers the opportunity to observe rare species and to follow the activities of ornithologists in the center of Bocca Caset. The particular and unique geo-morphological characteristics of the Valley have deposited in the years signs of the passage of populations already in prehistoric age and also Roman. The ample historical testimonies are present in the various Museums of the Valley from the museum of the piles, archaeological and ethnographic, up to the Garibaldino museum witness of the events of the war of independence.
The high mountains surrounding the valley offer visitors a multitude of paths where you can venture on foot or by mountain bike to admire the charm of the flora and fauna of the place. For the more experienced sportsmen there is no shortage of proposals for activities with a strong charge such as: surfing, canyoning, climbing and paragliding.
Families can find in Valle di Ledro an ideal environment and a stay that offers considerable opportunities for children. All this in a context of great safety and supported by an important network of pedestrian cycle paths out of any danger. In addition to a proposal of food and wine tours in the various restaurants, each with its own original proposal.




The activities of the House

The Ledro Inselberg Association for tourism, sport, culture and eco-sustainability works with the following aims:

  1. to encourage friendly relations based on the values of peaceful coexistence, nonviolence and cultural exchange between people from different local, national and supranational realities;
  2. to contribute to the cultural and civil development of workers and citizens for an active participation in the defense of civil liberties, individual and collective;
  3. encourage the promotion of cultural, recreational and tourist activities and consortia between Sections (including foreign ones), within the framework of responsible social tourism without borders;
  4. to contribute to the promotion of amateur sport as a tool for the psycho-physical training of the individual, especially young people, with particular attention to the close and sustainable relationship between sport and nature in which sport also becomes a practice in symbiosis with the environment;
  5. to promote the study and knowledge of nature and in order to enhance the sense of responsibility and participation in the conservation of healthy living conditions for man, fauna and flora;
  6. to promote the diffusion of the culture and practices of sustainability in general with particular attention to the environment and the protection and enhancement of the natural heritage, as distinctive elements of a more general concept of Social Responsibility and sharing of value;
  7. to contribute to promoting and enhancing, as elements of sustainability, the local productions in the artisan and agro-food sector characterized by the value of doing slowly and skilfully in relation to ancient practices;
  8. to promote discussion on issues of sustainability, peace, human rights, gender equality, social equity and in general issues related to the physical and mental improvement of individuals and communities;
  9. to encourage cultural interactions, the comparison and exchange of experiences, mobility and the implementation of projects among young citizens from all over the world as an element of growth towards a model of sustainable and peaceful development that sees in the new generations the ideal fulcrum;




Secretarial address: Via Marconi, 33 cap 38067 Ledro loc. Tiarno di Sopra – TN
Home Address: Via Marconi, 33 cap 38067 Ledro loc. Tiarno di Sopra – TN
Names and telephone numbers: Maria and Pietro 331/8881442


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