Description of the House

The house is located at 1095-meter-high and is surrounded by a large pine forest. The house is barrier-free, recently renovated to have internal and external toilets. In front of this mountain house, 9000 square-meters flat lawn land is serving for various activities such as the playground, the volleyball court, the walking paths suitable for children and the elderly, barbecues pits, and the medicinal flower and the vegetable gardens.
The house has two stories; the ground floor consists of a room with a fireplace and a wooden stove, a kitchen with cooking stoves, a gas oven and all the equipment, toilets and a stockroom/pantry. Upstairs consist of two dormitories with total fourteen beds. The use of sleeping bags or sheets is mandatory. It is possible, by reservation, to use the house for the events and parties.



Around the house…

The house is located a few minutes away from the trails leading to the ridge of Monte Baldo where you can enjoy the view of the Lake Garda from above; on this trail, you pass through all kinds of forests, the one of the pinewood, the beech, the hazel and the hornbeam, arriving at the high pasture, where in spring you can come across remarkable blooms. For this reason, Monte Baldo has been called “Europa´s garden” since the last centuries.
This area is well known, in the history, for the great variety of medicinal plants that it hosts, attributing to the proximity to the lake which provide with a mild climate. There are written records of the fact that the apothecaries, “pharmacists” of the ‘500 in the north of Italy, went to Baldo to collect the “simple”, or the ingredients, for their medicines. Thanks to the variety of altitude you can find and observe plants and flowers of Mediterranean and high altitude in a single area. For example, the Rosemary plant and the Levistic or Celery root, which normally live at least 1000 meters difference, here manage to live together and thrive in the same habitat.



The activities of the house of G.I.A.N. Monte Baldo

For the quality of the promoted initiatives, in 2013, the G.I.A.N. Monte Baldo won the prize as the best association of the knowledge around its region.
Among the activities proposed by the house:

  • Snowshoeing: from December to January we organize snowshoeing in the forest during the day and night. The previous experience is not required, the equipment is provided by the house. Usually, the dinner is prepared at the end of the excursion.
  • Didactics for youth: during the spring and summer, we organize the youth school camp where the youth can learn the new knowledge and skills, such as recognizing birds by their singings, protecting wildlife, learning medicinal herbs and how to build baskets and other objects in the house using the forest materials.
  • Psychological education course for dogs: we organize the course to teach the alternative methods to reassure and train our four-legged friends.
  • Topic days: we organize the excursions, mainly for children and families, to share the knowledge of the surrounding environment, during the excursion you will learn to recognize wild herbs.
  • Natural nutrition days: we organize the course to teach topics such as the mind / body relationship and the excessive consumption of meat and wine.




Office address: via Graziani – 37013 – fraz Spiazzi fraz. di Ferrara di Montebaldo (VR)
House address: Loc. Pozza Ferrara, Ferrara di Monte Baldo – Verona
Telephone numbers: Mary 338/3821001 – Roberto 339/3561975

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