Our local group has a good 3 houses at its disposal:
The Gran Pino house was built at the end of 1800: this building made of stone and bricks is immersed in a lush, 1-hectare park, is surrounded by centennial trees and located just 200m away from the sea. The house has two floors and is equipped with a large kitchen and with a smaller one for those preferring to do their own cooking. There are 15 bedrooms for a total of 56 beds, toilets and showers – both ensuite and not. Ours is an international centre, opened all year round: we are developing new ways to enhance the value of holidays here through constant research in botany, wild aromatic and healing herbs and their potential use in medicine and gastronomy. A bocce court, a ping-pong table, a volleyball court and a basket court are available in the proximity of the house.
The Piedi Pazzi house is situated 100m away from the Cecina river and 15 minutes away from the sea, in the middle of green, quiet countryside: this beautiful, old country house is open for holidays all year round. This house has got a good 30 beds, a dining room with kitchen, a larger dining room and a shared kitchen. From here you can easily organize walks in the woods and hills of Tuscany as well as excursions in Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena, Florence, Larderello and all the villages and castles in the surroundings.



The Borghetto house is located in the charming Collemezzano countryside, just outside Cecina, only 6km away from the beach, in a small village.
Tuscany is one of the richest areas in terms of cultural, historical and environmental spots of extraordinary importance. The name of our town, Cecina, has got Etruscan origins and comes from the surname of a powerful Etruscan family from Volterra whose descendants were known in Roman times as Caecina. Cecina is the closest sea town for both Volterra and Siena and since the 1960s it has become a very renowned tourist spot among Italian as well as foreign tourists – in summertime Cecina’s population becomes three time as numerous! Since 2006 Cecina Mare’s beaches have been awarded every year with the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award. The pine forest nearby covers 400 hectares overall, stretching along the coast for over 15 km: this is the Natural Biogenetic Reserve of Cecina Tomboli (dunes with lush vegetation). Beside several churches and worship places, other sights include the Villa Guerrazzi Civic and Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Life and Work in northern Maremma. A wide variety of cultural events and festivals make the town lively all year round.



Activities carried out:

Here are just some of the activities organized by our G.I.A.N. local group:

  • Dinners prepared by the members for the members, together with cultural events – one example is the Etruscan Dinner, followed by a conference on the Etruscan civilization.
  • Excursions throughout the year to major towns of culture in Tuscany and central Italy, e.g. Tarquinia, Saturnia, Siena, Suvereto, Volterra, San Gimignano, etc.
  • Helix-shaped synergistic garden, created by our member Pierluigi Nencioni at the Gran Pino house. Seminars are currently scheduled to guide you through the features of this ancient cultivation, re-discovered by a Japanese agronomist and later developed by Emilia Hazelip. Synergistic gardening method is especially carried out in the centre “Las Encantadas”, in the Pyrenees, France.
  • Evenings in music. Recently we enjoyed the performance of a German jazz band – over a hundred people attended the event.
  • Olive picking, clearing of the park, sawing and maintenance of the synergistic garden.
  • Bingo events, organized to entertain our members while raising funds to implement the services offered by our local group such as the playground and the photovoltaic installation.
  • Activities aimed at discovering and identifying wild aromatic and healing herbs such as sagebrush, thyme, horse mint, helichrysum, hypericum, fennel; workshops on their use to produce essential oils and natural digestive beverages.


How to contact us:

Address: Via delle Gorette, 110 – 57023 Cecina – Livorno
Phone numbers: 0586/6208780586/662336331/4389560348/9865790