Arcobaleno house is located in the Villa’s hamlet in the municipality of Lozio.
Coming from the valley floor and gone beyond the country’s entrance, after the fountain one takes the road on the right in a steep slope and gone beyond a “Santella” (a typical votive shrine) one turns on the left. The road ends in front of the house’s gate that is located to the second floor. The gate put in a panoramical balcony, is designated to the deposit of boots, indoor an equiped kitchen and a large dining room characterised by a ample window on the valley. In the same floor there are two bedrooms, with bunk beds, one for four sleeping accomodations and the other one for six, there are two bathrooms, one with tank and wc and the other one with the shower, laundry and washing machine, another bedroom is in the attic, with six sleeping accomodations and a bathroom with wc. Totally Arcobaleno house offers 16 sleeping accomodations.
At the ground floor there are two large spaces, dining room with bathroom and big kitchen destinated to occasions like lunches and group’s feasts. Whole building is warmed up.




Lozio is located at 1000m above sea level in Valle Camonica (Brescia), petrogryphs land, thanks to which it has become the first site recognized by Unesco in Italy. The municipality of Lozio is divided in four hamlets:
Sucinva, the smaller with only 48 residents, placed in a climatic situation so much favorable to allow, a while back, the grapevine plantation in spite of altitude;
Laveno, municipality and post office headquarters, last “istitutional” places that are in the small mountain villages; Sommaprada, located at the feet of Concarena and Bagozza, destination of a good religious tourist flux because the presence of a foundation very well-known in that ambience;
all in all Villa, located at the feet of Pizzo Camino and Monte Sossino, the most populous hamlet with 200 residents and rich of buildings destinated to summery vacation.
Arcobaleno house is exactly in Villa’s hamlet, from which branch off numerous paths for excursions with different difficulty levels, from those appropriate for families till those dedicated at those expert hikers. In Villa one can also visit the rest of Noble’s medieval castle and the House/Museum “Gente di Lozio”, dedicated to the typical farming life of the contradas.



Lozio’s G.I.A.N. section activities

Between activities carried out by Lozio’s G.I.A.N. section:

  • Excursions/trekking in the hamlets or at a height: in Lozio one can find paths adapted to all kind of hikers; by walking, by bicicle, by ski, adapted for families with young child or for expert hikers, paths of short, medium or demanding lenght. Paths signage is steadily improving and alredy now one can do numerous perfectly marked or with the help of the detailed map maken available.
  • Theme days, of which: “Piccola Grande Italia” and “Campi internazionali di volontariato” in co-operation with Legambiente; “Del bene e del bello” in co-operation with the municipality and the mountain community.
  • Yearly are organized more-days visits among the other italian and foreign houses of Amici della Natura, to know different reality, pulling starting points and teachings and spend some quality time in company.
  • Cultural exchanges between people in music: we hosted for many years the Dutch Orchestra “Adamello Ensemble” that returned playing in many Valle Camoica’s localities and not only; more recently we hosted the band “Alleluya Band” coming from the mission of Father Mario in Malawi, in Africa, active in a tour in numerous european and italian localities.
  • Initiatives for supporting and propose again some popular traditions, like meetings: “Filiamo e coloriamo la lana”, “Raccogliamo e cuciniamo le erbe selvatiche”, “Impariamo a lavorare il feltro”, “Corso di Patchwork” and from this year for two months it has seen us busy with the project Falìa* “residenza per artisti” a project that it will be repeat in the coming years once seen the enthusiasm and the intersect between residents and artists.
  • Every year, on the second Sunday of October, we organize the traditional “Bicicastagno”, a cycling all together till the adjoininig country of Ossimoro and back, a lunch in company at the Arcobaleno house and, in the afternoon, a tasting of the traditional “mondole”, the caldarroste.
    Guided tour at the ethnographic museum “Gente di Lozio”.