Naturefriends Climate Fund

Climate change is one of the most dangerous threats of our time and it has a direct impact on people’s lives, the global ecosystems and biodiversity. However, this impact is especially intense for people living in poorer countries of the South – who, however, contribute comparatively little to the causes of climate change.

Climate change and climate justice have been key issues of the Naturefriends movement for many years. During the 22nd Congress of Naturefriends International, which was held on 13 June 2015 in Olomouc, the decision was taken to establish a Climate Fund to benefit climate protection projects of African Naturefriends organisations. The means of the Climate Fund are to directly feed projects of the African Naturefriends Network which mitigate the consequences of climate change and / or contribute directly to the fight against climate change. The projects are chosen by an international expert committee, they are supervised and evaluated. Regular documentation of the project progress enables constant insight into how the funds are used and what results are achieved.

Argumentation of the project

Tourism and the continually increasing greenhouse-gas emissions it causes significantly contribute to climate change (UNEP and UNWTO, 2007: Climate Change and Tourism: Responding to Global Challenges). According to current studies and forecasts, the tourism industry will continue to grow, and increase by 179% until 2035. The sector’s contribution to greenhouse-gas emissions will also grow by 188% over the same period (World Tourism Organization and UNEP, 2008: “Climate Change and Tourism – Responding to Global Challenges”). NFI is the pioneer in pushing for an environmentally and socially fair tourism and environmentally friendly mobility. Airborne traffic makes up approximately 40% of tourism-related greenhouse-gas emissions (World Tourism Organization and UNEP, 2008: “Climate Change and Tourism – Responding to Global Challenges”). Thus, avoiding and compensating greenhouse-gas emissions is and has always been a main objective for NFI.

Since 2011, participants in events organised by NFI are requested to make a compensation payment when arriving by plane. The decision taken by the NFI Congress aims to enable participants to pay this compensation directly into the NF Climate Fund.


Specific information and educational activities by NFI and its member organisations aim to raise awareness for the causes and consequences of climate change and for climate justice within the Naturefriends movement. Furthermore, all members are to be provided with the possibility to offset their air travels within the NF Climate Fund. However, the most important issue remains the motivation to travel environmentally friendly, choosing means of transportation consciously and avoiding air travel where possible.

Additionally, public relation work also aims to promote environmentally friendly, responsible and fair forms of travelling beyond the Naturefriends movement, thus making a contribution to raising the awareness of the population on climate change and climate justice. Furthermore, this initiative aims to strengthen Naturefriends’ image as social and ecological, solidary international movement.



Calculation similar to atmosfair, but simpler and staggered: short haul, medium haul, long-distance 1, long-distance 2 (kilometres indicated)

Operational implementation NFI

a) Provision of PR material and media

Folder for members (in 3 languages) as setting copy, including the possibility to add an individual contact address (presentation of the Climate Fund, introduction on climate change, climate justice and impact of airborne travel, possible projects of NF Africa). Printing costs are not born by NFI!

Pre-prints for posters for NF Houses and other Naturefriends institutions (e.g. climbing gyms, environmental education centres etc.)

Banners for websites

Establishment of a project website

Info sheet every six months for all interested individuals

b) Public relations work

Promotion of the initiative within Naturefriends networks

Regular reports in NFI media, including social media

Provision of text modules as basis for coverage of member organisations and their media

Organisation of events with representatives of NF Africa

Organisation of journeys into project regions, during which the participants gain an insight into the implementation of the projects.


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