The Italian Group of Young Friends of the Nature was born in 2012 following the XXI congress of NFI in Graz,where the need was felt of creating of a body which since long time existed in other european countries and was still missing in Italy.The foundation of group of young friends was also advocated by IYNF,as the geographic origin of its national groups was mainly from North and Central Europe,while until that time representatives from more Southern Europe were missing..
GIAN-Giò is therefore member of International Young Naturefriends,being this an organization which coordinates and brings together all national young friends groups ( whose following values and goals are shared by GIAN-Giò:
Solidarity,justice,democracy,peace and internationalism
Good care of land,direct encounter with the nature,sustainability and environmental education
Youth participation,personal development and non formal learning
Obviuosly these three sets of values are enriched by friendship and fun.
Each young fellow can join GIAN-Giò and the subscription of the card of the Italian association– permits also the access to the wide offer of international activities.



Activities carried out by G.I.A.N. Giò

GIAN-Giò adhers to the IYNF activities,is partner of international project,in cooperation with other national young friends groups and or youth associations.It organizes at national level meetings and projects,to which all the members are invited to participate and take an active part in the participation,creation and performance process.



How to contact us:

Name and phone number: Cristina Gaetani Liseo +49 8821 7810944

The Association of Social Promotion Joint,which has been very helpful in supporting our first national meeting,promotes projects of international mobility,intercutural learning,international volunteering and non formal education.